Rotary Screw Air Compressor
A rotary screw compressor is used to compress and store air in a container by means of a screw, turbine, piston, or other means. The rotary air compressor is designed to meet different pressure requirements and can provide low, medium, and high-pressure air and can provide a large volume of airflow. Generally based on the lubrication method, the rotary screw compressor with dryer can be categorized as the oiled air compressor and oil-free air compressor. AULISS, one of the rotary screw air compressor suppliers in China, manufactures rotary air compressors that play an important role in industrial and commercial applications as they provide efficient, reliable, and safe compressed air for various applications. Therefore, the rotary screw compressor can be considered indispensable equipment for industrial and commercial applications.
Micro-Oil Screw Air Compressor
A micro-oil screw air compressor is a compression equipment widely employed by both domestic and foreign production-oriented enterprises. This rotary screw compressor boasts mature manufacturing technology and finds extensive applications. The term "micro-oil compressor" essentially refers to an oil-injected screw rotary air compressor designed to minimize the oil content in the compressed air.
Water-Lubricated Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor
Water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressors typically employ technologies like rotary screw compressors or centrifugal compressors. These rotary air compressor technologies are characterized by relatively simple structures, lacking components such as cylinders and pistons commonly found in traditional compressors.
Dry Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor
The dry oil-free screw air compressor features a motor with a 100% full copper core coil. While this rotary air compressor is not completely silent, it generates very minimal noise compared to standard air compressors. The rotary screw compressor represents an energy-efficient electromechanical integrated product.
Screw Blower
Screw blowers offer several advantages, including compact dimensions, lightweight construction, low noise levels, and dependable operation. They find extensive applications in various fields, including sewage treatment, water pumping stations, water treatment, air conveyance, dust collection, and flue gas desulfurization.
Screw Vacuum Pump
Utilizing a pair of screws within the rotary screw compressor pump casing for synchronized high-speed counter-rotational motion, this pumping equipment achieves suction and exhaust effects. The rotary screw compressor pump represents the next generation of oil-sealed vacuum pumps.
Compressed Air Treatment Equipment
Freeze dryers primarily employ heat exchange between refrigerant and compressed air to lower the compressed air temperature to a range of 2 to 10 ℃, thereby achieving a dew point temperature within that range. The working process of rotary screw compressor with dryer results in the compressed air's water content approaching a state of supersaturation.
Rotary Screw Air Compressor Applications
Power Generation
AULISS rotary screw air compressor factory provides compressed air system for instrumentation, compressed air system for ash removal, compressed air system for miscellaneous plant use, water treatment including boiler make-up water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment system, and compressed air system for equipment power in hydropower station.
AULISS screw air compressor supplier manufactures rotary air compressors that are mainly used to clean compressed air for power source, the oil content requirements in cotton spinning industry; chemical fiber industry mainly instrument air and suction gun air, printing and dyeing is mainly power and instrument air.
Food & Beverage
AULISS's rotary screw compressors are divided into 3 types: no contact, indirect contact, and direct contact gas. No contact can be provided by the oil-free compressor gas source, such as cans, beverage bottles cleaning; direct contact: such as raw material mixing, fermentation, etc., the oil content requirements are not high, can be provided by the micro-oil screw gas source.
The rotary screw compressor in non-contact is mainly the power to perform and instrumentation air, direct contact is due to the use of large amounts of air and air smooth, while the requirements of air quality, generally centrifugal; if the amount of air is not very large, you can choose to use the scroll rotary air compressor machine plus post-processor, or the choice of oil-free screws.
Rubber & Plastic Products
The rotary screw compressor is used for power execution, instrumentation gas, and plastics are also used in the blowing process.
Metallurgical industry is divided into iron and steel industry and non-ferrous metal smelting and production industry.Iron and steel industry: mainly for power execution, instrumentation gas, blowing instrumentation and so on. The rotary air compressor in nonferrous metal smelting and manufacturing: mainly for power execution, instrumentation gas, spraying and so on.
Train brake, railroad track changing device, vehicle doors and windows open and close, subway automation control, ship's automation equipment, aircraft maintenance, automotive hovercraft inflatable, dock loading and unloading conveyor and so on the pneumatic device like rotary screw compressor has a wide range of applications.
Because the pneumatic device including rotary air compressor can withstand radiation, high temperature in addition to withstand large acceleration speed, so in recent times the aircraft, rockets, missiles in the control of the gradual widespread use.
For the transportation of chemical raw materials, filling of hazardous liquids, packaging of explosives, automatic control devices for torpedoes, automation equipment for ships, oil drilling and other equipment has been used in a large number of applications.
For the transportation of chemical raw materials, filling of hazardous liquids, packaging of explosives, automatic control devices for torpedoes, automation equipment for ships, oil drilling and other equipment has been used in a large number of applications.
In the healthcare industry, rotary screw air compressors are used to supply compressed air to various medical instruments and devices such as ventilators, anesthesia machines, and surgical tools.
In construction, these rotary screw compressors are used to power a variety of equipment and tools such as jackhammers, compactors, sandblasters, pneumatic drills, and other air-powered construction tools.
For some of the precision of the production of electronic products, experimental testing process, the control of the instrument, detection plays a big role.
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SHANGHAI AULISS INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD.  serves as one of the leading screw type air compressor manufacturers, specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of the medium and high-pressure, oil-free, low-pressure and normal-pressure  rotary screw air compressor. Its host adopts German technology, and the products enjoy a certain reputation in the market, by the China Quality Inspection Association, the China Consumers Association as "national quality and stability of qualified products", "consumer trustworthy products" and so on the title, the enterprise through the "The company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.

Our products including rotary screw compressor pump and rotary screw compressor with dryer are widely used in PET blowing industry, CNG filling stations, oil field gas injection, marine exploration, hydroelectric power stations, leakage and pressure testing, shipbuilding, military industry, and other industries. In response to the individual needs of customers, Shanghai AULISS provides a variety of solutions of the rotary screw air compressor to meet customer requirements in product reliability, professionalism, and customization; and unswervingly stands at the forefront of technological innovation with a sense of advancement, striving for perfection and the pursuit of excellence.

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