Air Filter Element

The common material of air filter is fiber non-woven filter material, and the filtration accuracy is about 5μm. The main role is to preliminarily filter the dust and particulate matter in the air to avoid impurities entering the cavity and wearing the rotor. The service life is about 500 hours, (general conditions) over time should be removed from the cleaning surface impurities, impurities are too much in the case of recommended replacement.

Function of an Air Filter Element

The primary function of an air filter element in an industrial rotary screw compressor is to remove airborne particulates, dust, debris, and contaminants from the incoming air before it enters the compressor's internal components. This is important because unfiltered air can contain particles that could lead to premature wear, damage, or clogging of various components within the compressor, such as valves, cylinders, and piston rings.

Key Features of an Air Filter Element

Filtration Efficiency: Air filter elements are designed with specific levels of filtration efficiency, which determines the size and type of particles they can capture. Higher efficiency filters can remove finer particles, providing better protection for the compressor.

Airflow: This type of air compressor parts for sale should allow sufficient airflow to ensure proper compressor performance. However, the balance between filtration efficiency and airflow is crucial; a very dense filter might restrict airflow and reduce compressor efficiency.

Durability: The filter element should be designed to withstand the pressure differences and vibrations present within the compressor system without collapsing or deforming.

Service Life: The filter element's service life depends on the quality of the filter material and the operating environment. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacement, is necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Compatibility: The filter element must be compatible with the specific make and model of the air compressor. Proper sizing and installation are essential for effective filtration.

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