Oil-air Separator Element

The filter element of the air compressor oil and gas separator plays a similar role with the air filter element, but the filter medium is different, the oil and gas separator mainly filters the particles in the air compressor oil, the filtration accuracy can be controlled at about 0.1μm, and the oil content can reach the accuracy range of 3PPM.

Function of an Oil-Gas Separator

The primary function of an oil-gas separator is to remove lubricating oil from the compressed air stream. In lubricated air compressors, a small amount of oil is introduced into the compression process to lubricate the internal components and help with heat dissipation. However, this oil can mix with the compressed air and, if left unchecked, can lead to problems such as:

Contamination: Oil droplets in the compressed air can contaminate downstream equipment and processes that require clean and oil-free air, such as pneumatic tools and delicate instrumentation.

Reduced Efficiency: Oil in the compressed air system can cause increased pressure drop across filters and separators, leading to reduced overall system efficiency.

Environmental Concerns: Discharging oil-laden air into the atmosphere can have negative environmental impacts and might not comply with regulatory standards.

Key Features of an Oil-Gas Separator

Separation Mechanism: Oil-gas separators use various mechanisms to separate oil from compressed air, such as coalescing filters, centrifugal separators, and cyclonic separators.

Efficiency: The efficiency of the separator is crucial to ensure that a high percentage of oil droplets are removed from the compressed air stream.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is necessary to clean or replace the these air compressor parts for sale, as it can become clogged over time with trapped oil and contaminants.

Pressure Drop: While effective oil removal is important, the separator should minimize pressure drop to maintain compressor efficiency.

Compatibility: The separator should be compatible with the specific make and model of the screw type air compressor for sale.

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