Rotary Screw Air Compressor Used In Aerospace

Compressed air plays a fundamental role in the aerospace industry, primarily for aircraft manufacturing, which demands strict safety standards. AULISS offers a range of professional compressed air solutions that not only enhance production output but also significantly reduce maintenance and overhaul (MRO) costs in the aerospace sector. We believe in delivering efficient and reliable solutions that meet all your requirements!

Rotary Screw Air Compressor Used In Aerospace

Aircraft manufacturers, pilots and maintenance workers all rely on air compressors, which play a critical role in each stage of production in the aerospace field — from building and manufacturing to in-flight control.

What Equipment Does the Aerospace Use?

Air compressors help maintain clean, uncontaminated airflow, which is critical in many aerospace applications. There are two main air compressors used in the aerospace: rotary screw compressor and reciprocating compressor. Rotary compressors are typically used for long-term motion, while reciprocating air compressors are better for intermittent operations.

The AULISS oil-free rotary screw air compressors are non-lubricated models that work well for the aerospace industry. These prevent air contamination and are approved for rooms with electronics and other sensitive materials.

How Does the Aerospace Use Air Compressors?

  • Aircraft engine manufacturing: Air compressors are used to simulate conditions the engine will be subject to during flight and ensure the engine performs as it should.

  • Aircraft wing structural testing: Similar to engine testing, the simulated conditions air compressors create test the wing’s strength and durability.

  • Ground support equipment: Equipment such as grinders, hammers and welding gear receive energy input from industrial rotary air compressors to repair aircraft parts.

  • Air break powering: One way to power heavy-duty mechanical breaks is with air compressors.

  • Crew area pressurization: Air compressors maintain constant pressure levels in the cabin and provide clean air to pilots.

  • Fuel injection: With a fuel injection system, air compressors insert fuel directly into the engine’s cylinders, providing a reliable and consistent flow of fuel.

  • Metal finishing: Air compressors provide powerful pressurized air for sandblasting and finishing.

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