Rotary Screw Air Compressor Used In Electronics

High-tech equipment plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of electronic components. Regardless of the operator, this represents a significant capital investment that requires constant safeguarding. For instance, these devices utilize a substantial amount of compressed air for pneumatic conveying of components or precise control of sensitive valves. Undoubtedly, the compressed air used must be oil-free. This is because oil contamination in compressed air can lead to costly maintenance expenses and, in extreme cases, even result in complete production shutdown.

All of our oil-free custom air compressors are meticulously designed to ensure the provision of completely clean and stable air supply, allowing you to focus on business performance.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor Used In Electronics

Typical Uses of Compressed Air in the Electronics Industry

  • Cooling Air

    Cooling products within cleanrooms stands as the most crucial application of clean air in electronic manufacturing facilities.

  • Cleanroom Environment

    The cleanroom serves as the nucleus of the factory. Beyond temperature and humidity regulation, it is imperative to eliminate any dust or contaminants. This necessitates the use of Class 0 oil-free compressed air to avert any contamination.

  • Patterning

    Patterning, or photolithography, involves imprinting specific designs onto wafers.

  • Instrumentation & Pneumatic Tools

    Compressed air finds utility in sorting, packaging, testing, handling, assembly, etching, and various instrumentation or pneumatic applications of compressor. Utilizing oil-free air ensures the safeguarding of products from contamination throughout the production process.

  • Purging

    Purging for vacuum and venturi pumps requires the employment of oil-free air to prevent contamination.

  • Wastewater Treatment

    Water employed during the manufacturing processes of electronic facilities necessitates treatment before its return to the environment.

  • Soldering

    Electronics soldering employing high-quality, highly pure nitrogen boasts numerous benefits. It not only enhances performance but also carries environmental advantages.

Why Compressed Air Quality is Vital to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry?

Electronic devices require a stable supply of compressed air during the manufacturing process to maintain their operational stability and reliability. Any contaminants in the air, such as oil vapor, solid particles, or moisture, can potentially affect the equipment's performance and even lead to malfunctions.

The precision and consistency demands of electronic product manufacturing are extremely high. If there are contaminants present in the compressed air, these pollutants can adhere to the product's surface or internals, resulting in damage, decreased performance, or shortened lifespan.

Static electricity is a significant concern in electronic product manufacturing. Clean compressed air helps prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity, thereby reducing the static interference that products can experience during manufacturing and handling processes.

Reliable Oil-Free Air Compressors for Electronics Manufacturing

Compressed air plays a vital role in electronics manufacturing processes, including semiconductor assembly, printed circuit board (PCB) production, electronic component manufacturing, flat panel screen and display manufacturing, as well as fuel cell production. All of these processes require 100% oil-free, Class 0 air.

AULISS's industrial screw type air compressor provides 100% oil-free air that complies with the ISO 8573-1:2010 standard, a necessity for a range of electronics manufacturing processes. Our custom air compressors solutions are focused on ensuring optimal air quality and purity, along with low dew points (producing dry air), knowing that these are critical standards within the electronics industry. We will deliver compressors you can rely on!

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