ALS Series Variable Frequency Screw Vacuum Pump

Living up to expectations, we come with a renewal. With our meticulous craftsmanship and outstanding performance, we endow vacuum pumps with infinite possibilities. The Aursen ALS series of micro-oil and oil-free variable frequency screw vacuum pumps have quickly captured the market since their launch in September 2023, thanks to their product advantages. With their unique design and excellent performance, the products have won the favor of numerous users worldwide. The smooth appearance design brings a pleasing visual experience, and each product embodies our persistent pursuit of quality. Let our vacuum pumps become your partner in achieving brilliance!



ALSV Series Micro-Oil Variable Frequency Screw Vacuum Pump:

Utilizing specialized exhaust ports, pressure points, and flow channel design technology for vacuum applications, this system can operate without the need for an oil pump, maintaining low vibration and noise levels even at higher vacuum degrees. The tapered through-shaft screw rotor, combined with a high-efficiency permanent magnet variable frequency integrated motor, reduces vibration during pump operation, significantly increases transmission efficiency, offers a wide speed regulation range, facilitates variable frequency control, and has a sensitive dynamic response. This wholesale screw air compressor can precisely adjust the vacuum level, reducing electrical grid pressure. It can easily maintain stable operation with a high pumping speed at a vacuum level of 2000Pa, with stable negative pressure, and achieve a maximum vacuum of up to 30Pa. It can replace similar products used in rough vacuum applications on the market, especially liquid ring pumps, rotary vane pumps, claw pumps, and piston pumps, with energy savings of 30%-85%.



ALSDV Series Oil-Free Variable Frequency Rod Vacuum Pump:

The application of a new type of patented energy-saving screw gear profile provides you with a greater competitive advantage in the industry. The novel patented vacuum-specific seal structure design extends the pump's lifespan and reduces maintenance costs. The development of a food-grade coating solution in collaboration with multiple units significantly reduces gas loss and improves efficiency while preventing rust and corrosion. The chamber’s dry, oil-free design allows for constant operation at high pumping speeds, with stable negative pressure unaffected by working temperature. It primarily replaces water ring pumps and rotary vane pumps and can also be used as a fore pump for Roots pumps, with evident environmental and energy-saving effects.


The ALSV series micro-oil variable frequency rotary screw vacuum pumps are widely used in industries such as packaging, CNC, chemical, rubber, and plastics. ALS, one of the leading rotary screw air compressor suppliers in China, promotes the ALSDV series oil-free variable frequency screw vacuum pumps that are extensively applied in packaging, thermoforming, papermaking, photoelectric building materials, and other industries. If you have any needs for vacuum pumps, or would like to learn more about our products, please feel free to call us at 021-55716599. SHANGHAI AULISS INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD. will be sincerely at your service!

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